Our team

Natasja Hallema     CV


Through her experience in the legal profession, as a (corporate) lawyer and HR and Talent Manager, she knows the ‘business side’ of doing business, but also the ‘human resources side’. Bringing these two together, is what she is good at. In addition, she also enjoys supporting people in their personal and professional growth and development, whereby with the tools provided, they can once again ensure a healthy balance between work, private life and health.

Partner Irene ten Dam

Irene ten Dam         CV


Irene is an experienced people manager with over 20 years of commercial experience with business responsibility. She has an eye for the quality of people and is critical of the content with a personal approach. She is driven, results-oriented, has a passion for making people and teams better, has a strong problem-solving capacity and a focus on business (sales) optimization.

Partner Judith Lemmers

Judith Lemmers       CV


Judith is an experienced Business Manager. She has always worked on the interface of people, personal (career) development and commerce. She is focused on results, knows how to inspire and motivate others. She is a brave and bold entrepreneur. She also is sporty and likes to get the best out of everyone.

Partner Tallina de Boer

Tallina de Boer        CV


Tallina is an experienced and creative manager. She finds people important (they’re capital!) and wants to realize the goals of people and business as well and creatively as possible. She still likes to be ‘hands on’. Her strength lies in enthusing and motivating people. She is sporty and driven.

Core Values