HRV, or Heart Rate Variability, is the variation in the time interval between heartbeats. It is measured by the variation in the beat-to-beat interval. Through the HRV, you can measure stress in a simple, fast and reliable way.

The articles below are a selection of scientific articles that extensively discuss the fact that HRV is the most reliable bio marker to measure stress in the body.

Effects of heart rate variability biofeedback training in athletes exposed to stress of university examinations
July 26, 2018  
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Non-Linear Methods in HRV Analysis
October 2015
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Resonant Breathing Biofeedback Training for Stress Reduction Among Manufacturing Operators
January 2015
Auditya Purwandini Sutarto, Muhammad Nubli Abdul Wahab & Nora Mat Zin
Heart Rate Variability
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Historical description of HRV
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Proof of high degree of correlation between stress and HRV
Information and Communication University, Inje University School of Medicine Seoul, Korea. Lizawati Salahuddin, Myeong Gi Jeong, Desok Kim, Seong-Kyeon Lim , Kim Won , Jong-Min Woo


Relationship between emotional burnout and HRV
December 2016
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June 2004
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Influence of Mental Stress on HR and HRV, HRV changes during mental stress
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Heart rate variability: Standards of measurement, physiological interpretation, and clinical use 
Maart 1996
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HRV measurement standards
March 1996
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