Bio Judith Lemmers



Since 2000 working independently in Executive Search and (Career) Coaching. Founder and owner of Talent Bridges.

Adds to Lesstress

Judith is an experienced Business Manager. She has always worked on the interface of people, personal (career) development and commerce. Focused on results, knows how to inspire and motivate others. Brave and bold entrepreneur. Sporty and likes to get the best out of people.

Is also

Married to Herman and mother of three wonderful children: Sabine (19 years), Indy (13 years) and Jamie (12 years). Enthusiastic runner and beach lover.


Business Economics and Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Stands for

Freedom, equality, personal growth and sportsmanship.


A healthy and resilient Netherlands. Give people the tools to learn how they can be maximally energetic, so that they have the resilience to adapt to circumstances. ‘When the wind blows, some people build windshields, but it’s better to build windmills.’

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