Stress management programs for less stress and more energy

Everyone always needs a certain amount of tension to function properly. We will achieve nothing without this stress. Many different situations can cause stress. Think of a high workload, but also worrying, illness or the balance between work and private life can cause a lot of stress. Yet not everyone is equally sensitive to stress. The balance between the burden you have to carry and your tolerance capacity is important here. If you have a large tolerance capacity, then you can handle more or larger stressful situations than someone who has less tolerance capacity. An almost automatic reflex in the case of stress is primarily to do less. That helps in the short term, but is not useful in the long term. Because if you make it a habit to do less in the event of stress and not to work on your tolerance capacity, then inevitably the time will come when you can no longer bear anything. And there is the burnout.

Increasing tolerance capacity is the most important thing!

We teach participants how to reduce stress and increase their tolerance capacity. Once learned, they will benefit from it all their life! We work with the team on a jointly dertermined goal, by making use of everyone’s individual strengths and talents. ‘Strong together’ is the central theme in this workshop.

Personal Premium

6 week individual program
e-coaching with
personal guidance

  • You have gained in-depth knowledge about stress in the Lesstress Academy
  • In personal 1: 1 conversations and various telephone contacts with your personal coach, you focus on your energy and stress levels
  • You have learned what causes stress
  • You have worked with the Lesstress app for 6 weeks, which gives you insight into the effect of your personal stressors
  • You have trained for 42 days and learned how to get a grip on your energy and stress levels
  • You are aware of your most important stress factors in your work and you know how to deal with it
  • You have achieved your personal objective or you have taken important steps towards achieving your personal objective

Personal Premium Team

6 week team program
individual e-coaching with
personal guidance

The individual Personal Premium Program is supplemented by 3 interactive workshops for the team.

  • Kick-off: In addition to the personal goal, a team goal is determined during a joint workshop. We base these on the insights of stressors from the personal DiSC profile and the DiSC team composition.
  • Strong together (halfway through the program): training that helps team members increase the energy and capacity of their team. The focus is on inspiring each other and exchanging experiences in which the power of the individual becomes more than the sum of individuals.
  • Just do it: At the end of the program Lesstress hosts a session where the team discusses the insights, make a plan of action with concrete agreements about securing and further integrating the insights. An insight is only valuable if you link it to an action.