Inspiring interactive workshops on stress management including various practical exercises and directly applicable tips.

Employees get specific tools and are much more aware of their role and influence when it comes to stress. A workshop for management focuses on how to recognize signals from employees and make stress negotiable. The goal is to improve the performance of teams with less stress.


2.5 hour interactive – up to 75 participants

Stress is the main theme in this workshop. In addition to knowledge about good and bad stress, the participant learns to better recognize stress signals and to respond to them. With the help of various exercises and tests, participants gain insight into their own stress thermometer.


1.5 hours interactive – up to 10 participants

In this workshop the focus is on knowledge about good and bad stress and the recognition of stress signals. We teach managers how to recognize stress signals in their team at an early stage. How do you make this negotiable and can you give your team tools to perform better with less stress? Also, with the help of exercises and tests, managers gain insight into their own stress thermometer and how to deal with it. The exemplary behavior of management determines how employees deal with it.